General Visitor Information

We believe in patient- and family-centered care and fully understand that patients benefit from family and friends visiting them in the hospital. To help protect everyone during the COVID-19 outbreak we are managing our visitor policies in accordance with Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System.

This is a challenging time and it can be hard not to have visitors. If you are a patient, we suggest you bring a smartphone or laptop to help communicate with the important people in your life. If you do not have access to a smartphone or laptop, tell us so we can try to help.

UH Visitation Restrictions

Xổ số đài miền bắc hôm nayWe have different levels of restrictions based on how severe the current level of spread is in the area. We’re currently at a red level of restrictions.

Orange Level- Increased exposure and spread
Red Level- Very high exposure and spread
Purple Level- Severe exposure and spread
  General Patients COVID-19 Patients
Adult Inpatient
(Staying in the hospital)
One designated visitor No visitors
Pediatric Inpatient
(Staying in the hospital)
Two parents or guardians but only one can remain overnight One parent or guardian
Adult Outpatient
(Not staying in the hospital)
One designated visitor No visitors
Pediatric Outpatient
(Not staying in the hospital)
Two parents or guardians One parent or guardian
Emergency Room
Adult Emergency Room
No visitors, except if patient is unable to clinically participate in care No visitors
Pediatric Emergency Room
One parent or guardian One parent or guardian
Surgery (adult and pediatric)
One designated visitor (day of surgery) No visitors
One designated visitor for labor and duration of stay (two if patient is under 18) One designated visitor for labor and duration of stay (two if pt is under 18)
Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow Transplant Inpatient
No visitors No visitors
Cancer Inpatient
(Staying in the hospital)
One designated visitor One designated visitor
Cancer Outpatient
(Not staying in the hospital)
One designated visitor One designated visitor
Exceptions to above: Case-by-case basis for special needs or clergy only. Approval requires Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), or designee approval.

UH Visitation Requirements

Must Wear a Mask

Must Wear a Mask

This is Required of all patients, visitors and employees.

We will provide a special isolation mask to those who do not have one.

Xổ số đài miền bắc hôm nayVisitors who cannot or will not wear a mask at all times will not be allowed to enter or remain in any UH facility.

You’ll Be Screened

You'll Be Screened

To enter you must:

Have a temperature less than 100°

No flu-like symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain or sore throat)

Any visitor who screens positive may not enter any UH facility.

Other Requirements

Other Requirements

Xổ số đài miền bắc hôm nayNo visitors younger than age 18

Xổ số đài miền bắc hôm nayAll visitors need to sign the visitor log with contact information, travel history and symptom screening

If you are visiting a COVID-19 positive patient, you must remain in the room at all times.

Patient Information

If you have a scheduled appointment and have cold or flu-like symptoms such as a fever, cough, congestion or runny nose, please call your doctor’s office before your appointment. Our staff can provide guidance about whether you should come to the clinic, be referred for testing, or wait until your symptoms are gone.

Xổ số đài miền bắc hôm nayIf you have active COVID-19 symptoms but don’t have a scheduled appointment with a provider, please call your primary care doctor to get guidance about what to do.

Get medical attention right away if you have any emergency warning signs. In adults, emergency warning signs may include:

  • Problems breathing or shortness of breath that is new or getting worse
  • Pain or pressure in the chest that persists
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face
  • Other severe or concerning symptoms

When you arrive, please report directly to your appointment check-in location. A member of our staff will ask you some health screening questions and take your temperature. People are being screened for symptoms of respiratory illness at the entrance to clinics, infusion centers and radiation oncology sites.

Accessing UH Cleveland Medical Center

These entrances only will be open to visitors and patients at UH Cleveland Medical Center:

  • Bolwell – Main Lobby entrance
  • Bridge from Visitor Lot 2 in Lerner Tower
  • Emergency Department – Visitor entrance
  • Horvitz Tower – Main Lobby entrance
  • Lerner Tower – Main Lobby entrance
  • Seidman Cancer Center – Main Lobby entrance

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